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\ Labor, Social Security & Industrial Safety Law

At Vouga Abogados we are proud of our Labor, Social Security and Industrial Security legal department. Our team of professionals is highly specialized, with a long tradition of offering the best service in labor matters to our clients in the most diverse, complex and sensitive cases in the market.
We advise our clients on a wide range of labor issues including, among others:

  • Drafting of individual employment contracts.
  • Management Contracts.
  • Agreements for the rendering of services of a civil nature.
  • Representation and advice in negotiations of collective and individual agreements.
  • Development and implementation of compensation programs such as employee stock purchase plans, restricted (conditional) stock awards, pension plans, bonus policies, employee profit sharing plans.
  • Confidentiality and non-competition agreements.
  • Dismissal of employees and executives.
  • Mass layoffs.
  • Labor-related litigation.
  • Labor issues in liquidations, mergers, acquisitions, and restructurings.
  • Advice on strikes.
  • Occupational safety and health and safety issues.
  • Expatriate and cross-border hiring, including temporary and permanent employment and residence.
  • Labor matters related to maritime and port activities.
  • Legal due diligence and audits to ensure compliance with labor, social security, and accident prevention regulations.
  • Legal advice for Human Resources departments.
  • Drafting and review of corporate employment policies and guidance on their implementation.
  • Localization of international employment policies.
  • Training for HR managers and in-house counsel on changes in labor, social security, and accident prevention regulations.
  • Representation and procedures before different governmental agencies to obtain permits, authorizations and approvals.

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\ Perla Alderete


\ Mirtha Dos Santos


\ Marcela Dos Santos

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\ Maria Gloria Cabrera Ojeda
Antonella Llamas


\ Antonella Llamas


\ Walter David Vera

Leading fuel distribution company, in labor lawsuits

We represented a company in the hydrocarbon sector in a labor lawsuit filed against it by an occupational health doctor with whom the client had entered into a service contract. The plaintiff claims, among others, recognition of his status as a worker, reinstatement and compensation for damages.

Leading global agribusiness company, in labor lawsuits

We advised a world leading company in agribusiness and agroindustry, in a suit for fair dismissal filed against an employee for illegal acts committed by the employee.

Bottler of world leading soft drinks company in labor lawsuits

We advised the only bottler in Paraguay of one of the largest soft drinks companies in the world, in labor lawsuits.

\ Publications

El Poder Ejecutivo dispuso la reducción del 50% de las multas relacionadas a incumplimientos de obligaciones laborales ante el Ministerio de Trabajo, Empleo y Seguridad Social (“MTESS”) hasta el 29 de febrero de 2024.
Medidas que deben ser consideradas por los empleadores ante las altas temperaturas que se registran en el país
VOUGA_ Informativo Planillas laborales-03

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