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\ Corporate & Commercial Law

Contamos con un equipo especializado en derecho corporativo y comercial ampliamente reconocido por haber colaborado con una amplia gama de inversores extranjeros en alcanzar sus metas y desarrollar sus negocios en Paraguay.
This highly specialized team of professionals is recognized for their highest ethical standards and knowledge of the law.
With decades of experience, we have developed a deep understanding of the culture, values and needs of our corporate clients, advising them on a wide range of issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Constitución de sociedades comerciales (S.A., S.R.L., EAS, Sucursales, etc.) y personas jurídicas en general, tales como fundaciones, asociaciones de utilidad pública, asociaciones de capacidad restringida, y otros.
  • Comprehensive advice in the corporate area, review and drafting of documents, agreements and contracts of corporate, commercial or civil nature.
  • Preparation of opinions, answers to telephone or written inquiries, related to the normal or ordinary operations of the Client.
  • Asesoramiento sobre nuevas leyes, proyectos de leyes y fallos jurisprudenciales relevantes, relacionados con actividades específicas desarrolladas por el Cliente y toda clase de consultas relacionados con la operatoria normal u ordinaria del Cliente.
  • Advice to foreign investors on how to do business in Paraguay.
  • Assistance in matters of corporate governance, integrity policies and corporate social responsibility.
  • Advice on corporate reorganizations and/or restructuring processes, mergers, spin-offs, reduction of capital stock, liquidation and dissolution of companies, etc.
  • Organización de asambleas ordinarias y extraordinarias de accionistas, para modificaciones estatutarias, emisiones de acciones con o sin prima de emisión, reuniones del Directorio, redacción de actas de asambleas y directorios.
  • Maintenance and management of corporate books and records.
  • Comunicaciones, registros y actualizaciones ante la Dirección General de Estructuras, Personas Jurídicas y Beneficiarios Finales (DGEJPBF).
  • Share Purchase and Sale Agreements, and completion of required corporate filings and communications.
  • Negotiation, review and drafting of memorandums of understanding, letters of intent, collaboration agreements, confidentiality and non-competition agreements, shareholder agreements, service and consulting agreements, toll manufacturing agreements, joint venture and partnership agreements, agency, distribution, franchise and concession agreements.
  • Assistance in structuring, documenting and executing credit facilities, e.g. secured and unsecured, committed and uncommitted credits, syndicated loans, asset-based loans.
  • Negotiation, review and drafting of assignment of receivables and assumption of debt agreements.
  • Advising on termination of contracts as well as enforcement of agreements and enforcement of security interests.
  • Legal due diligence and compliance audits.
  • Incorporation/constitution and restructuring of family companies.
  • Representation and proceedings before different governmental or municipal agencies to obtain permits, authorizations and approvals.

\ Leaders


Senior Partner

\ Rodolfo Vouga Muller


\ Perla Alderete


\ Rodolfo G. Vouga Z.

\ Team



\ Paola Andriotti


\ Maria Gloria Cabrera Ojeda


\ Camila Lorena Dutra


\ Andrés Vera


\ Walter David Vera


\ María Paula Figueredo

\ Largest soft drinks bottler, in contract restructuring during Covid-19

Advised the sole distributor of one of the world´s largest soft drink companies on the re-negotiation of several contracts with clients, particularly with those clients most affected by the pandemic, such as restaurants and bars.

\ World leader in personal care products, in regulatory matters

Advised a leading global company in personal care products analyzing the implications and legality, as well as the follow-up of the parliamentary process, of three bills presented in Congress through which it was intended to control the prices of products considered essential during the pandemic.

\ Largest soft drink bottler, in adaptation of contracts to antitrust regulations

Assisted a major soft drinks company by analysing under competition law various clauses used in contracts with its clients, taking into account the soft drinks company´s high market share in Paraguay.

\ Publications

New requirements for registration as Insurance Brokers and Claims Adjusters
The Superintendence of Securities amended provisions of the General Regulation of the Securities Market regarding tariffs
The Superintendency of Securities regulates stock market advisory services in the General Regulations of the Securities Market.

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