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Our firm provides legal solutions to companies with activities in the forestry sector that respond to the challenging and highly regulated environments in which they operate. Our experience of more than 3 decades has allowed us to build a solid understanding of this subject allowing us to provide the best advice on forestry law for our clients, in combination with tax advice to take advantage of the existing tax benefits for forestry and reforestation.

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Pulp mill, in obtaining loans for operating capital and afforestation

We advised Paracel, a company that is promoting a large project for the construction of a pulp production plant, with its own production of eucalyptus wood, in the transaction to obtain a loan of USD 20,000,000 granted by a local commercial bank to finance working capital and afforestation projects.

\ Advice to Paracel on labor law matters

We advised the company behind the project to install a pulp mill in Paraguay in the drafting and standardization of contracts to be signed with employees from all areas of the project, including managers, administrative staff and field workers.

\ Implementation of labor policies, code of conduct and other labor issues

We advised the company behind the project to install a pulp mill in Paraguay in drafting and reviewing its internal policies relating, among others, to payroll procedures, cooperation agreements, drafting and due diligence of mandatory labor documentation, drafting and revision of the code of conduct for administrative and plant personnel.

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New regulation on offences and penalties in forestry matters

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