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\ Forestry

Our firm provides legal solutions to companies with activities in the forestry sector that respond to the challenging and highly regulated environments in which they operate. Our experience of more than 3 decades has allowed us to build a solid understanding of this subject allowing us to provide the best advice on forestry law for our clients, in combination with tax advice to take advantage of the existing tax benefits for forestry and reforestation.

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\ Rodrigo Fernandez


\ Rodolfo G. Vouga Z.


\ Cecilia Vera

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\ Manuel Acevedo


\ Luis Marcio Torales

\ Largest soft drinks bottler, in contract restructuring during Covid-19

Advised the sole distributor of one of the world´s largest soft drink companies on the re-negotiation of several contracts with clients, particularly with those clients most affected by the pandemic, such as restaurants and bars.

\ World leader in personal care products, in regulatory matters

Advised a leading global company in personal care products analyzing the implications and legality, as well as the follow-up of the parliamentary process, of three bills presented in Congress through which it was intended to control the prices of products considered essential during the pandemic.

\ Largest soft drink bottler, in adaptation of contracts to antitrust regulations

Assisted a major soft drinks company by analysing under competition law various clauses used in contracts with its clients, taking into account the soft drinks company´s high market share in Paraguay.

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