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On May 2, 2023, the Secretariat for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Asset Laundering (Secretaría de Prevención de Lavado de Dinero o Bienes - SEPRELAD, by its Spanish acronym) issued Resolution No. 158/23, by which it approves the procedures and requirements for the registration as regulated entities in the SEPRELAD Registry of the regulated entities in the sector of safe deposit boxes, transport or storage of securities or valuables, art and antiques and philatelic or numismatic investments (the Regulated Entities) through the Integral Operations Reporting System (Sistema Integrado de Reporte de Operaciones - SIRO, by its Spanish acronym), including as attachment the procedures and requirements for the registration of the same.

SEPRELAD urges such Regulated Entities to register or, as the case may be, re-register through the SIRO, establishing a deadline for re-registration through said system until July 31, 2023. Until such date, the Regulated Entities already registered under Resolution SEPRELAD No. 218/11 will be exempted from paying the registration fee.

It is worth mentioning that, according to the provisions of the aforementioned resolution, all the registration certificates of the regulated entities under Resolution SEPRELAD No. 218/1, which is repealed, will become null and void as from July 1, 2023.

For further information please contact Cynthia Fatecha (, Carlos Vouga (, Georg Birbaumer ( or your usual Vouga contact.

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