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On Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023, the National Public Procurement Office (Dirección Nacional de Contrataciones Públicas) published on its website the call for bids “DIPE No. 01/2023 Prequalification of the Public Investment Project for the Expansion and Improvement of Route PY01 in the Cuatro Mojones-Quiindy Section” (ID 1288) (the "Project"). The call for bids for the Project is now open for the prequalification of interested bidders, who may download the bidding documents by accessing the following link. The deadline for submitting prequalification requests is May 31, 2023.

Once the prequalification of interested bidders is complete, the “competitive dialogue” (dialogo competitivo), will take place allowing prequalified bidders to make queries, suggestions and proposals to the contracting administration to clarify any issues they deem appropriate regarding the bidding documents. The competitive dialogue stage was introduced through Regulatory Decree No. 4183/2020 of PPP Law No. 5102/2013 with aims to speed up the clarification of the Project documents and where prequalified bidders will be able to address structuring and bankability issues.

The Project may adopt a repayment and financing structure similar to the those adopted for similar projects such as the expansion and improvement of Route PY02, which involve concession of the works.

The estimated value of the Project is approximately USD 566 million, according to data available in the Project Bank of the National Public Investment System (Sistema Nacional de Inversión Pública).

For more information on the Project or the competitive dialogue stage please visit the following links: |, or contact Rodolfo G. Vouga (, Luis Marcio Torales (, Juan Manuel Ros ( or your usual Vouga contact.  

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