MARCH 30. 2020
Legal Resource Center COVID-19

With the aim of assisting our clients navigate the effects of the legal measures adopted by the public authorities in Paraguay in relation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we have implemented a Legal Resouce Center exclusively dedicated to providing updated information on the regulation and measures adopted by the Government and their legal impact. You may access the resource center by clicking on the following link:


In our Legal Resource Center COVID-19 you will also find articles written by our team members on the effects of these measures on legal relations.


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The Legal Resource Center COVID-19 is updated from time-to-time, as new measures are adopted. We recommend that you visit the site regularly to access the latest news.


We have set up a multidisciplinary task force, which is available to assist with any legal questions, and provide support in operational and legal challenges our clients may face. In order to answer your questions as quickly as possible, please contact us at or your regular contact at VOUGA ABOGADOS.


Legal notice: Information contained in our site and in the Legal Resource Center COVID-19 is not intended to constitute legal advice. In case you require legal assistance on particular facts or legal matters, please contact your regular legal advisor at VOUGA ABOGADOS.


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