DECEMBER 01. 2014
“Paraguay - The Best-Kept Secret in South America”

“The Best-Kept Secret in South America” was the headline of a special report about Paraguay published by Business Outlook, part of TIME Magazine. Referring to Paraguay as “the jewel waiting to be discovered”, the article brings up valuable social and economic statistics. Our country’s enviable location, land and climate that foster sustainable agribusiness, and favorable economic and demographic conditions that present attractive investment opportunities were some of the highlights.


“Paraguay is clearly adopting far-reaching measures to bring itself in line with progress, not only for the economy, but also for its citizens. Solid macroeconomic factors, accompanied by the force of agribusiness, are attracting the world’s attention, and the IMF, recognizing Paraguay’s diligence, has confirmed a prediction of economic growth of 4.8%. As the only member of Mercosur to have preferential access to the European Union, Paraguay sees the E.U. as an essential business associate, and relations with the U.K. have improved further with the reopening of the British embassy in the capital, Asunción, last October. Paraguay has transformed itself into a country with unlimited potential, and its gradual appearance on the world stage has created the perfect platform to show that it is now open for good business.”

Author:  Mariana Reis


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