OCTOBER 10. 2014
Paraguayan Maquila Industry exports increase to USD 15 million in September, 2014

Products exports under the Maquila Regime increased 50% compared to the same period of last year. This represents an accumulated volume of 53% (January to September of this year), which surpasses by 14% the total exports recorded in 2013, according to a report issued by the National Council of the Maquila Export Industries (CNIME- Consejo Nacional de las Industrias Maquiladoras de Exportación).


During September, exports reached USD 15.298.304. In 2013, from January to September, total exports reached USD 118.881.074, and in 2014 the sum already reached USD 182.460.284.


The sectors that created the largest portion of new job positions are: auto-parts with a 46.2% share, followed by intangible services with 19.3%, plastics and plastic products with 10.7%, and clothing and textiles with 9.7%. The list continues with wood and wood products with 6.5%, leather and leather products 5.8% and 1.8% for other minor industries.


Investments made under the Maquila Regime have generated a total of 3.084 new jobs this current year.


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