Litigation and Alternative Dispute

Vouga Abogados has built up an unrivalled reputation for excellence in high-profile and complex corporate dispute resolution. Thanks to our firm's strong corporate roots, our procedural law experts can draw on the knowledge of specialists in a vast array of business related legal areas to efficiently defend our clients' interests. Our lawyers' international education and experience in cross-cultural environments are particularly suited to serve foreign businesses' interests in Paraguay. Our advisory and representational services cover the full spectrum of both domestic and international litigation and ADR, including:

  • Pre-litigation.
    • Out-of-court proceedings and measures aimed at preventing legal actions.
    • Precautionary measures.
      • Attachments of real estate, personal property and vessels.
      • Entry in possession of goods.
      • Measures of non-innovation.
      • Injunctions and restraining orders.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution.
    • Negotiation and mediation.
    • Commercial and investment arbitration.
  • Representation throughout the entire justice system in Paraguay in the following areas.
    • Civil and commercial.
    • Contractual and tort.
    • Banking.
    • Commodities, futures.
    • Bankruptcy.
    • Trade.
    • Estates.
    • Construction.
    • Distributorship, agency, representation, franchising and licensing.
    • Labor.
    • Tax.
    • Environmental.
    • Intellectual property.
    • Consumer relations.
    • Regulatory issues.
    • Debt recovery.
  • Enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards in Paraguay.
  • Legal opinions on the application of both substantive and procedural Paraguayan law.
  • Due diligence reports on ongoing litigation and likely areas of contention.

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